The Girl Who Traveled to Nowhere Fast


The Girl Who Traveled to Nowhere Fast

At eight years old she was playing in large groups of friends, giggling with the other girls about which boy was the dorkiest.

At 16 she was so fearless and quite the sassy teenage girl who stood strong for herself and her worth.


When she was 24 she had these vivid visions of her amazing career that challenged her mind, fed her soul and provided her the freedom to make choices.

When she was 29, she had dreams of marrying an amazing man, bringing two beautiful children into this world and holding on to her independence.

When she was 38, was her dream life beginning to fade into the background simply because LIFE had gotten in the way? Too many sports activities for the kids and a husband who chose too many cocktails over their relationship, and now her life – her dreams and her ferociousness – was beginning to fade. But she was still hanging on because she had her career. The one place she was still in charge was at work.

By 40 she had all but faded, and what was left was a shell of her self. The marriage no longer fed her spirit as she dreamed it would. Her career ended because of the national recession, and she had no more fight in her. She was exhausted, and it might have been easier to roll over and play dead than to fight her way back. She was simply tired!

At 50 I talk with her often. She tells me she has hidden the money that pays for our sessions. Her husband would never "approve" of her spending money on growing and expanding, so it's all a dirty little secret. in that secret there is angst written all over her face and sadness in her voice. And I am sad for her.

Questions…so many questions…

  • When did she lose her voice and stop speaking her truth?
  • When did she decide she needed permission to participate fully in her life?
  • When did the memories of who she was at the core fade away?
  • When did that giggle become a part of her past?
  • How did she travel to nowhere so fast?


When is she going to say ENOUGH is ENOUGH?

Tips for making your DREAM LIFE your REAL LIFE: