Don't Hate The Game 3: How To Deal With His Football Obsession

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Score big points with your sweetie this football season using tips from our resident guy's guy.

Thanks to our resident male editor Tomfoolery for educating us on the psychological and social reasons so many guys need football in their lives...we even understand the fantasy football thing now! In Part 3 of our Don't Hate The Game series, we dig into the most important info women like us need to survive all the way to Super Bowl Sunday—check out Tomfoolery's tips on understanding your guy during what may be the most frustrating season of the year. Don't Hate The Game 2: Fantasy Football & Guys Demystified

Faye: Here's the subject I'm interested in: the actual watching of the games. Do you want girls in the room...or no?


Tomfoolery: That's a tough one. I feel like I enjoy football enough that if anyone—a girl—wants to watch too, the more the merrier.

Faye: But for girls who don't understand football really well, is it okay if we ask questions?

Tomfoolery: Is it during plays or between plays?


Faye: Let's say during a commercial break.

Krissy: He's going to say, "Not if it's a funny commercial."

Tomfoolery: Between plays is okay. If I'm pissed off at the game, I'm going to be quick with my answers. When you're team's losing, you're frustrated and trying to concentrate. There are a lot of balls in the air.

Natalie: Balls in the air?

Tomfoolery: Some pun intended.

Faye: So in a perfect world, what should a woman do when you're watching football?

Tomfoolery: In a perfect world, everyone can watch football together. There's a solid chance that a guy will have significantly more tolerance from 1 p.m. to 11 p.m. or later on a Sunday (than a woman will).

Faye: So should we just make snacks and then leave, or...what?

(Group laughter.)

Tomfoolery: Well no, I don't think you necessarily have to make snacks— Love Bytes: If You Cook It, He Will Propose

Krissy: So just leave!

Tomfoolery: No, no, you don't have to leave either. But if you see something else is on TV and you think I should just change channels, that's not gonna be super welcome. Which is probably why a lot of guys go to a bar.

Jessica: But what guys need to realize is, that's 20 hours in a weekend that we have time off, that we're not doing anything together, every weekend for what, four months?

Faye: And when you're planning our time together around it, I'm sorry, I have no tolerance for that.