Poll: Should 'DWTS' Have Banned Same-Sex Partner Dances?


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"Dancing With The Stars" banned same-sex partner dances -- but included Chaz Bono in the cast.

It's time to break out those dancing shoes again! The TV world is all abuzz with the upcoming premiere of the celebrity dance competition on Sept. 19, and especially with the announcement of the Season 13 cast this past Monday, ABC and Dancing With The Stars made history by casting Chaz Bono, its first transgendered contestant. GLAAD have lauded Bono's selection as a "tremendous step forward" for the LGBT community.

But despite ABC's decision to include Bono in the cast, DWTS producer, Conrad Green, stated that the show will not consider including same-sex dancing pairings.

"We've discussed (such) pairings in the past," Green said. "But the traditional role in ballroom (dancing) is for men to have a female partner, so that's what we'll do."

Hmm, looks like ABC's already making a couple wrong moves in this dance number.

Do you think "DWTS" should have banned same-sex partner dances? Take our poll! And sound off in the comments about what you think of Chaz Bono being included.

Poll: Should 'DWTS' Have Banned Same-Sex Partner Dances?:

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