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Prior to working with Julianne, I would ask friends or family for advice on certain dating situations. The advice I received from them always seemed subjective and difficult for friends and family to “get” what actually goes on in the world of dating these days. Working with Julianne has been very refreshing because she “gets it”. She has a very loving, caring and supportive style yet is very candid and honest in her approach. She is approachable, available, a fantastic listener and pays close attention to the details. She always takes the time to get you prepared for a date and follows-up the day after. She is sincerely concerned how each date went, how relationships progress and for your success. Julianne shares her knowledge to the point where I am able to remind myself of the things she has coached me on and it has helped in the dating process. Julianne is cheerleader and always encourages me to stay hopeful.

With Julianne’s advice and guidance, I now have a positive outlook on dating during my 40s. From choosing the right photo or writing a profile that truly reflects me. Julianne’s coaching and support has helped me take control of my dating experience and eventually helped me find a great guy whom I’m currently dating!
Tammi -43


I had stopped dating for years and focused on my career after the death of my fiancé. Deciding to date again, I learned about Julianne, who has guided me through the maze of on-line dating sites and singles events, she has revitalized my dating life. She encouraged me to leave my comfort zone and go to singles events, and she polish my on-line presence. The results have been a lot more activity and dates. I am meeting interesting people, one of whom she has introduced to me and will hopefully be a permanent match!
Karen – 56

I had a difficult divorce experience a year before I contacted Julianne. I was feeling ready to meet new people, but wasn’t at all sure how to go about it. It had been nearly 20 years since I had dated and the thought of beginning again was overwhelming. Julianne’s previous experience helping others was evident as we went through my dating history. She pointed out areas of strength and things I could begin working on in a caring, supportive way. I could tell her about the stuff I felt awkward confiding to friends or family members. I have been on several dates since working with Julianne. I feel more confident and hopeful about finding the right person for me and know this is because of the guidance I have received from her.
Kathy – 46

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