Healthy, Glowing Skin and Your Confidence


Healthy, Glowing Skin and Your Confidence
Learn how to improve your skin care regimen by going beyond regular cleansing.

Something for which we all strive yet so few achieve and even fewer keep: a good skin care regimen. Oh yes, there are times we look in the mirror and think "Wow! Not a blemish!" or "Eek, not now!" The second, of course, always happens before a big event or special intimate dinner, whereas the first may come on any given day, giving us a reason to smile and a more confident bounce in our step.

As teenagers we all faced a time dealing with acne, and as adults there are those who continue to deal with this challenge. The longer or more often we face this challenge, the more often our confidence is shaken. We can manage this confidence shaker by using over-the-counter acne or blemish creams; when more serious situations are present, we can solicit the aid of medical doctors for prescription-strength solutions.


When it comes to stepping into action or making decisions with regard to moving forward toward our goals and dreams, our confidence is the fuel to our follow-through. Our self-worth is the spark plug that allows our passion to be ignited by the fuel of our confidence. If one of these is not topped up and running smoothly, our decision quality is affected—as is our ability to succeed.

What can you do? Taking good care of the skin you live in is a great place to begin. As mentioned, there are indeed effective products to fight acne or hide blemishes, but what many people forget is that there are a number of preventive measures you can take to minimize your risk of future acne and reduce the appearances of blemishes. A few of these are:

  • Avoid the sun  You've probably noticed that when you expose your skin to the sun, it looks like your acne diminishes. However, once you expose yourself a little less, acne generally seems more frequent and obvious than before. This is because the sun, with its rays, will clog your pores and prevent the oils from escaping naturally, resulting in an increase in acne. To avoid this, always use a cap or hat when exposed to sunlight.
  • Eat healthy  Although scientists have not been able to demonstrate the link between poor diet and acne, we need to recognize healthy eating and balanced diets certainly cannot hurt.
  • Get active  As a teenager, acne is primarily developed due to an increase in the work of hormones. Having a healthy, active lifestyle (which includes sports, walking, running, weights, etc.) can help regulate the surge of hormones.

Some people are more prone to blemishes than others (There is a tendency to think acne is probably a genetic disease.), but that does not mean you cannot positively impact the health of your skin. Here are five approaches you can use to help promote not only healthy facial skin but also your body:

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