Love Bytes: 10 Types Of Men To Avoid


Why you may want to consider smelling like a doughnut, and oh yeah, your parents' marriage stinks.

Love Bytes: 10 must-click love and relationship links.

All women want to smell delicious, but would you want to smell delicious enough to eat? Like a doughnut, perhaps? [Jezebel]

A little-known sex parasite: are you susceptible? [Bloomberg News]

Why you should kiss non-stop this summer. [Huffington Post Living]

In this moving essay, a woman's friend thinks she's blinded by love. What would you do if your BFF hated the love of your life? [Double X]

You already know that it's changed your pattern of communication, but there are more reasons why texting and email could be throwing your relationship for a loop. [Shape]

Some women love watching porn with their S.O.'s, some consider it a dealbreaker. What's your stance? [The Frisky]

10 types of guys you need to avoid ... and yes, there are that many. [Betty Confidential]

No matter how cool they are or how solid their relationship looks, trust us ... you do not want your parents' marriage. Apple, fall far from the tree. [The Stir]

Especially because, hey, men whose fathers cheated were likely to do the same. Apple, for the sake of your relationship, fall really from the tree. [MyDaily]

And finally, a modern girl's musings on what marriage counselors are getting wrong. [The Gloss]


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