Rose McGowan Is A 'Gay Man Trapped In A Woman's Body'

Rose McGowan

The actress claims that she is 'gayer' than all of her gay male friends.

Lots of women in Hollywood have a gay BFF or an ex-bestie (see Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves), but Rose McGowan took her love of fabulous homosexual men to another level entirely when she recently told a reporter that she was a gay man on the inside.

"I believe I'm a gay man in a woman's body, which my boyfriend doesn't like," she said, reports, adding: "I only realized I was even gayer than all of my gay friends when I made one of them go to a Zac Efron movie." Robert Rodriguez & Rose McGowan Are Over

The 37-year-old actress and star of the TV series, Conan the Barbarian, has dated quite the range of men, from Marilyn Manson to director Robert Rodriguez, but is currently seeing a New York businessman who works in "finance something something" she told New York Magazine back in February. But not even a handsome, six-foot-tall man can compete with Rose's bevy of male friends, whom she affectionately dubbed "my gays" in an article for Vanity Fair.

"Straight men could learn a lot from them," she wrote of her posse.

Now that New York has legalized gay marriage, we're guessing that Rose is going to RSVPing for a lot of weddings this summer. What Do You Wear To A Gay Wedding?

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