Poll: Would You Ever Date A Guy Who's Slept With A Prostitute?


Money and lingerie
Is sleeping with a hooker something you could overlook in a relationship?

Would you ever date a man who'd slept with a prostitute? Or could you even?

It's a question of morals and values, or maybe only what we can overlook in a relationship and what we just simply can't. It's different for everyone. When The Gloss recently surveyed a handful of women on the topic, they got a wide variety of answers. Why Do Men Buy Sex?

One woman, Helen, said it just wasn't possible for her. "There is no way I could ever date someone who has slept with a hooker. I don't know exactly what the reasons are for paying to sleep with someone. But any reason I can think of sounds like a reason why I wouldn't date someone."

Another lady, Juliet, said she knew her partner had slept with a prostitute, and it wasn't an issue. "Oh, sure! He has. I know he has, and can I say the bad thing here? I don't care. It bothers me significantly less than if he was still, say, pining for an ex. I think our relationship is different than anything he would have had with a call girl insofar as I get to call a lot of the shots and make sure things are somewhat equitable and there are emotions like love involved." How A Prostitute Saved My Marriage

Then, there's the gray area. The "It's OK if..." thought process.

"I think I'd be more OK from it if he came from a culture—say, Rio—where it was the norm for a young man to sleep with a prostitute."

Obviously, this is a subject with many opinions, so we want to hear yours.

Would you ever date a guy who's slept with a prostitute?

Would You Ever Date A Guy Who's Slept With A Prostitute?:

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