Poll: Anthony Weiner Resigns From Congress: Was This The Right Move?


anthony weiner announces his resignation
Weiner sent sexy texts and lied to his constituents, but does this warrant resignation?

Representative Anthony Weiner (D-NY) announced his resignation from Congress today amid pressure from the public, his colleagues and his political party to step down in the wake of his much-publicized online transgressions.

Weiner initially lied to his constituents (and to his pregnant wife, Huma Abedin), claiming that the semi-nude lewd photos of him circulating the web had been taken illegally from his social media accounts. Days later, he admitted that he'd knowingly sent the images to women, though he's denied acting on any of his advances. Do Anthony Weiner's Texts Count As Cheating?

With news of his resignation, we're left to wonder: haven't politicians done much worse (hello, Bill Clinton) and not resigned their office? Did he resign to focus on repairing his marriage and prepare for fatherhood? Is there something the political machine knows about Weiner that the general public does not?

What do you think: should Rep. Anthony Weiner have resigned his seat in Congress?

Anthony Weiner Resigns From Congress: Was This The Right Move?:

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