Love Bytes: The Rules Of Outdoor Sex


5 ways to back out of an expensive date, and why they really call it "hump day"

Love Bytes: 12 must-click love and relationship links.

It's officially summertime, and you know what that means. Get the skinny on the rules of outdoor sex. [Em and Lo]

The real villain behind relationship infidelity. [Huffington Post Living]

Is flirting over social media a micro-infidelity? [The Frisky]

Guess there's a reason they call it "hump day": odds for sex are best on Wednesdays. [Nerve]

10 ways to heat up your relationship this summer. [Divine Caroline]

She may not be the frontrunner of great female role models, but there are a few things Kim Kardashian can teach us about marriage. [The Stir]

Pro-life or pro-choice, studies show that 16 and Pregnant makes viewers more likely to support abortion. [Double X]

We know you've asked yourself: how do you really know you're in love? [The Gloss]

And we thought we were crazy! The dating profile you have to see to believe. [Glamour]

Finally, 5 ways to back out of an expensive date without looking like a cheapskate. [Shine]


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