Did Rielle Hunter Dump John Edwards?

Did Rielle Hunter Dump John Edwards?
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As the disgraced former senator faces felony charges, his baby mama kicks him to the curb.

If you're like most of us, you're having a hard time making sense of the relationship between John Edwards and Rielle Hunter. And, more importantly, you're not sure if you want to understand it. If the latest buzz can be believed, Rielle has finally given up on her love...if there was even anything left to give up on.

Having finally admitted that he fathered Rielle's daughter in early 2010, John and his mistress-turned-girlfriend have been, at the very least, maintaining some kind of relationship for the sake of the child. It's never been totally clear if the two continued a romantic involvement once John publicly admitted their affair. Although Rielle famously told GQ that her love for John was "till death do us part, and probably beyond," the frequent wedding rumors that began popping up after Elizabeth Edwards' death late last year were just as quickly slapped down by John and his people. Famous Love Children and Their Celebrity Parents

Now facing legal charges that he misused campaign funds to cover up his affair with Rielle, we can't imagine that John is the most fun guy to be around. Rumor has it that John's frustrations came to a head last month, when a judge ruled that his testimony regarding the sex tape he made with Rielle could be made available to the public. Insiders claim that John called Rielle an "idiot" for keeping the tape and berated her for "talking him into" making it. (Suuuure. No doubt the marks on John's arm where Rielle twisted it are clearly visible on the tape.)

Perhaps it was that explosion, or just a long-delayed realization that their relationship is a twisted mess, that finally led Rielle to dump John prior to his May 24 indictment. A source recently told Perez Hilton that, "[She] dumped him…their relationship is pretty much over…there's no repairing it now." John Edwards Proposes To Rielle Hunter?!

Well, gee...if these two crazy kids can't make it work, what hope is there for the rest of us?


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