Why I Think Kim Kardashian's Quick Engagement Is A Good Thing

Why I Think Kim Kardashian's Quick Engagement Is A Good Thing

Why I Think Kim Kardashian's Quick Engagement Is A Good Thing

Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian
One writer defends Kim Kardashian's decision to marry just six months into dating Kris Humphries.
Kim Kardashian is catching a lot of flack for her engagement to NBA player Kris Humphries just six months into dating. Unless you've been under a boulder, you've likely heard about the 20-carat rock now strapped to her left ring finger. I've already heard nonsense rumors that this move is just a publicity stunt, and grumblings about the potential union failing before it even begins.

Now, I am an admitted cynic. I am the first to tell friends when they're just making excuses for their current flames or to assume a good first date was a fluke. Bottom line: I would have no problem calling out Ms. Kardashian for a less-than-wise dating decision, but I'm halting the criticism. Kim Kardashian Engaged To Kris Humphries

Maybe her relationship will fail. Maybe Kim and Kris will tie the knot and find out their marriage is not all red roses and getaways to Monaco and romantic dinner dates from coast to coast. Like YourTango Expert Carin Goldstein told me, "The question still remains, is she ultimately choosing the right guy to be her partner through thick and thin? The national divorce rate is still over 50 percent, which means that Kim needs to be honest with herself: Is Kris mature enough to be in an intimate, adult relationship and is he able to withstand the curve balls of marriage, family and life?"

Obviously, I don't know Kim personally, nor do I have a crystal ball to gaze into the future of her love life (wouldn't that be cool, though?). I can't tell you if her relationship with Kris is completely charmed or a big mistake. However, what I can tell you this: When I heard word of her engagement, I had one single thought—a very uncynical "Good for her." Surprised by my reaction? Let me explain.

I think all unhappily unhitched women can learn a lesson from Kim Kardashian: A lesson in decisive dating.

Set aside how you feel about her as a celebrity, or businesswoman, or a darling of the reality-television machine. Simply look at her dating history, which mimics plenty of real-life situations. 10 Dating "Deal-Breakers" That Really Aren't

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