Poll: Can You Describe Amazing Sex In 10 Words Or Less?


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Using only 10 words or less, describe mind-blowing sex and win a trip to New York City.

YourTango.com and Zestra are asking you to do the near impossible: describe amazing sex in 10 words or less. I know, I know—how can one give justice to that sweat-filled moment the earth moved in such few syllables? That, dear readers, is the mega challenge but we do plan on rewarding you generously.

The winner will receive $1 000 and a trip to New York City. You have until May 23rd to shoot off your 10 words of brilliance in the comments section HERE.

The grand prize winner will be announced on May 27th and will receive:
• A two-night stay in a leading romantic NYC hotel, plus
• $1000 in travel & food vouchers,
• Brunch with Love Consultants Matt & Tamsen,
• And a Zestra Romance Gift Packet for Better Sex Effortlessly.

If you want a sampling of what got our blood flowing this week, check out our top five favorite submissions below and tell us which one you like best. We'll be choosing our five favorites each week, so check back next week for more!

When he touched me it's like he deciphered my DNA.
She melted my soul like a hot knife in butter.
Alongside real Love; it's a combo to be reckoned with.
The exquisite drug everyone wants, only the fortunate will find.
TGIF = Tongue Goes In First!

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