Poll: Is Online Dating Dangerous?


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New legislation has been introduced to help cut down the risks of looking for love online.

Has online dating become unsafe? With Craigslist murders on the rise and an increase in reported sexual assaults stemming from online dating matches, it's clear that meeting someone online isn't all fun and games. 10 Reasons to Give Online Dating a Try

"People are shady," Ilana Angel, an over-40 dating blogger, told NPR. She recently went out on a date with a man she met online who suspiciously asked her to go to a new location immediately after they met, leaving her car behind at the initial bar. "You just have to be aware and you have to be careful."

There are plenty of new cases everyday of sex offenders finding victims on online dating sites. Just this past week, Match.com announced it would better screen its members, after it came under fire when a woman was sexually assaulted by a man she met on the site. The site will soon implement a system scanning men and women against the national sex registry to make their users' love lives safer. 1 In 3 Online Daters Has Sex On First Date

The potential for sexual assault, and even other crimes like identity theft, hasn't gotten past legislators, either. There are bills in New York, Connecticut and Texas that would force online dating sites to list all the risks of looking for love on the internet, as well as giving tips on what never to disclose in a profile—that means absolutely no confidential personal information.

Even with the risks, dating-blogger Angel said she won't stop using online dating sites.

"Dating is disgusting. It's disgusting and online dating is brutal," she said. "But I want to have a partner. I want to have a witness to the second half of my life."

What do you think about online dating? Is it dangerous?

Poll: Is Online Dating Dangerous?:

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