Diana vs. Kate: Comparing The Former And Future Princesses


Diana vs. Kate: Comparing The Former And Future Princesses
Kate Middleton's differences from Princess Di may be the reason this royal marriage lasts.

After Prince William and Kate Middleton announced their engagement to the world in November 2010, the couple sat down for their first in-depth interview. While Kate seemed as poised and earnest as one might expect a future princess to behave, she seemed a bit uncomfortable when asked about following in the footsteps of the late Princess Diana, whose blue sapphire and diamond engagement ring rested on her finger.

Luckily, her prince came to the rescue, claiming that no one was trying to fill his mother's shoes. But despite William's assertion that Kate would "carve out her own path," comparisons between the two women are inevitable. So did William choose a wife that reminded him of his much-loved mother? Or are Diana and Kate as different as London and Manchester?


Let's look at the evidence, starting with their engagement interviews:

Prince Charles and Diana didn't know each other all that well when they gave their engagement interview. They hadn't even been together a year! Diana looked shy and deferred to Charles when asked questions. The couple also seemed too sedate and guarded to be giddy in love.

Kate and William look very comfortable—with each other and the interviewer—in their engagement interview. Kate's a natural conversationalist and she and William listen to each other and can't keep from smiling. William's charming and relatable. This love is TV-ready.

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