Poll: Where Do You Get Your Best Dating Advice?


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From TV shows and dating books to friends and family, dating advice abounds. But, where's the best?

He's Just Not That Into You tells you to dump him and call it a day, but your friends are telling you he's just scared because he likes you so much. Your mother pays for your JDate.com account and begs God nightly to lead you to The One, but your therapist is telling you to stay single and "work on you" until 2012.

Where there's dating advice, there are mixed messages. It takes a well-seasoned dater to know which bits of advice to heed and which to ignore.

We want to know: where does the best dating advice come from? In your experience, from which of the sources listed have you received the best dating advice? If you choose "other," please tell us about it in the comments section below. And, happy dating!

Poll: Where Do You Get Your Best Dating Advice?:

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