Charlie Sheen: The Bizarre Relationship Timeline Of His Love Life


Charlie Sheen at the People's Choice Awards in 2007.
Marriage issues, porn stars, legal troubles and crazy behavior have filled the actor's love life.

Charlie Sheen recently reached a new level of bizarre in the relationship department. As 20/20 just revealed, he keeps two live-in girlfriends at home who help raise his twin boys, Bob and Max. Oh, yeah. And he refers to them as "the goddesses."

Not surprisingly, one important person in this little scenario isn't all-too happy about Charlie's living arrangement. She probably isn't thrilled about the public drug sprees. Or the weekends in Vegas with prostitutes, either… That person would be Brooke Mueller.


According to PopEater, the mother of Bob and Max, and Charlie's soon-to-be ex-wife, was able to file a restraining order on Tuesday evening after the Two and a Half Men star allegedly threatened her, saying: "I will cut your head off, put it in a box and send it to your mom." Wow. Angry, much?

Bob and Max were removed from Sheen's home on Tuesday night.

This is not Charlie's only legal woe at the moment. He is in the midst of a battle with TV-giant CBS and the minds behind Men, who decided to stop the show mid-season after the star's wild antics. Sheen wants his full $2 million-per-episode salary. CBS says they are just fine running Two and a Half Men reruns, which are pulling in great ratings.

And let's not forget, the show debacle is on top of the legal troubles with Mueller—who is just one gal in a parade of women to make headlines with Charlie over the years.

Here, we take a look back at the notable women who have filled the actor's love life and provided plenty of tabloid fodder. It has been a crazy ride, to say the least, and all indications show that Charlie isn't slowing down anytime soon.

In his own words to 20/20: "That's how I roll. I have one speed: Go!"

January 1990: Charlie's fiancée, Kelly Preston, is accidentally shot in the arm. He was carrying a gun in the pocket of his jeans and forgot about it. When she picked up the jeans later on, it went off. Oops. Soon after, Kelly dumps him and marries John Travolta. Oh, good decisions…

July 1995: Charlie appears in court to testify in the tax-evasion trial of Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss. He was a frequent client of her illegal happenings, ordering up call girls at least 27 times and dropping more than $50,000 on the services. "I love sex and I can afford it," he says to justify his actions. Classy. [Source: The Hollywood Reporter]

September 1995: Some relationships just aren't built to last... The actor gets hitched to model Donna Peele, but their quickie marriage dissolves after six months.

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