Poll: Do You Dress Up For Your Significant Other?


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Should couples make more of an effort to dress up for each other?

When was the last time you got dressed up for your significant other?

It recently occurred to me that the last few times my boyfriend saw me in a dress it's been as I took it off while walking in the front door after work. The past few months, I've treated him to a small rotation of sweatpants, shapeless nightgowns, and a particularly frumpy Hello Kitty towel-with-shoulder-straps (I know). And don't get me started on undergarments. 5 Style Trends Men Hate...That I Refuse to Give Up

It wasn't always like this—we were friends/casually dating/friends-with-benefits for about a year before we started dating seriously, and back then, I would dress up every time we hung out, whether it was at home or out to dinner and movie. But the longer we dated, the more we settled into our real life routines—and between our different work and social schedules, this meant fewer movie-and-dinner date nights and more DVD-and-takeout date nights. Drinks at the wine bar in midtown became drinks at the bar down the street, which became drinks on the couch at home. And, to be honest, we prefer it that way—both juggling busy work schedules, we love spending downtime relaxing together instead of waiting in line for a dinner reservations.

But with DVDs and takeout also comes sweatpants. And burning the midnight oil with work we take home means less dressing the part when we finally get some sexytime. (Though, for the record, he says he loves my Hello Kitty frumpwear. I haven't figured out yet whether or not he's kidding.) It seems easy to dress the the nines when you first start dating someone—and, as we reported recently—the majority of women wish their guys dressed better. But when daily life and comfortable coupledom settles in, it seems that making that effort isn't always a priority anymore. Women Willing To Give Up Sex For A Better-Dressed Guy

What do you think? Do you still dress up for your significant other?

Do You Dress Up For Your Significant Other?:

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