Can A Virgin Ever Find Love?


Woman under the covers
Does a lack of experience equal a lack of relationship success?

Dear Dude,
I'm a college sophomore and still a virgin. I've had my fair share of "almosts" and do enjoy the occasional heavy petting but I have yet to go "all the way." I'm not waiting for marriage but I am waiting for a serious relationship with someone I can trust. I used to be confident in my decision (I mean, so what?) and felt no pressure to lose my virginity but lately I've been feeling like being a virgin is hurting my chances of finding that someone. College Candy: First Date Sex

The problem is the handful of boys that I've started relationships with in college (emphasis on the word started because it never gets very far) initially say they respect the fact that I am a virgin. However, when that boy finds out that I'm REALLY not going to have sex with him (like never, ever) I don't hear from him again. And when I try to hide the fact that I'm a virgin guys get mad at me for being a "tease" and disappear, too.


So basically I don't want to lose my virginity because I'm waiting for "the right" relationship but I feel like being a virgin is preventing me from having ANY relationship. It's a never ending cycle! Everyone around me is telling me to stick it out and wait for "the one," but the thought of going through my college career without a real relationship is depressing. So dude, why do guys run away when they find out I'm a virgin? How does a virgin get a guy to stick around? Should I just give it up and get it over with? Or should I start filling out applications for the nearest nunnery?

Not Necessarily DTF

Dear Not Necessarily DTF,

If you don't want to lose it, don't lose it. I'm pro-choice, not just when it comes to abortion or virginity but in terms of life. There's always a choice. What's unfair is when it feels like the choice you're making is depriving you of something you want. Which sounds like the dilemma you're dealing with. College Candy: Swiping The V-Card

Guys "run" from virgins for a few different reasons and myths: they don't feel confident enough to be the sexually more experienced partner (because some of them barely have more than you), they're afraid that a virgin will be bad in the sack (a harsh judgment, but one many a frat boy has made) and then there's the responsibility factor. When a guy has a choice of taking a girl's V-card there's something in them that provokes the thought, "do I want to be somebody's first?"

For the guys who don't want a relationship, they might be scared that being someone's first will automatically give the girl the impression that they're in a relationship. In this peon's brain, sex automatically equals commitment.

Another question of responsibility is whether the guy feels comfortable being the measuring stick for the rest of the girl's life. They think that's a lot of weight on their shoulders. Again, this is a guy who is NOT looking for a relationship, just a hook up.