10 Celebrities Who Need to Break Up With Their Exes


It's time for these famous folks to finally let go.

Breakups are hard. There's no question about that. And we'd hazard a guess that they're harder when both you and your former inamorata are famous. There's no getting away from memories of him or her when you're both splashed on the cover of In Touch, or when his album hits number one from a song calling you a cheater, or when she rebounds in St. Tropez with the costar she left you for. As Neil Sedaka once sang, breakin' up is hard to do, no matter who you are. But there is such a thing as over-mourning, and these ten celebs are guilty of that. Their relationships are over, dunzo, dead as disco, and it's time they follow the examples of Elin Nordegren-not-Woods and Sandra Bullock and get over their exes (and maybe under someone else).