Signs of infidelity?? Or just Paranoia?


Do you think that this guys partner is cheating on him? Or is he just being a little paranoid?

"I don't know if I'm paranoid or if my paranoia is justified, and I want you guys to tell me in the comments. Alright, so I've been dating a guy for a year now. I think my boyfriend has been cheating on me throughout the entire relationship. Here's why:

1. I'm gay and my boyfriend says he's really busy all the time and that's why he can't see me more. We average 3 days a week but when I do see him it's usually 4 hours max.
2. Also, when I'm with him, he always brings his phone with him whenever he steps away. However, he's comfortable just laying it out on the table when we I can see if anyone calls.
3. Sometimes he steps into another room when he's on the phone. However, this might just be a business.
4. I think I might be his "mistress" on the side. 

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