The 7 Most Scandalous Kisses In Award-Show History


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The most jaw-dropping, hilarious and buzzed-about award-show kisses in history.

The Golden Globes are fast approaching, which means awards season is now in full swing—and we're ecstatic. We love a glam gown, a great performance and a heartfelt acceptance speech (which we may have emulated in front of our bathroom mirrors, you know, once or twice). But we'll admit it—we also like to watch the telecasts for the few unpredictable acts that inevitably occur—especially the surprising, sometimes scandalous celebrity kisses. Here we take a look back at the shocking, hilarious, most talked-about lip-locking in award-show history.

7. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson almost kiss at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards. Twi-hards across the globe were bouncing up and down in anxious anticipation when Robsten took the stage to accept their award for "Best Kiss" in Twilight. They gazed at each other longingly. Rob moved in for the kill. This was it: the kiss fans had been waiting to publicly confirm their relationship! But then—Kristen stopped and turned back toward the audience, leaving Rob looking a little bewildered. "Thank you so much!" she said into the microphone, and the duo walked off stage without completing the lip-lock. What?! Blasted set-up. We should have known that quirky pair was going to break "Best Kiss" tradition. Sigh.


6. Adam Lambert gives a racy kiss at the 2009 AMAs. American Idol fans were totally stoked to hear their favorite contestant was closing the show at the American Music Awards. Adults and children alike tuned in to watch the runner-up perform "For Your Entertainment." Oh, they got some entertainment all right—and a whole lot of astonishment as Adam partook in groping, a male-on-male kiss, and simulated oral sex right there onstage in front of a national audience. America was not ready for that much gay male sexuality, and he was promptly banned from Good Morning America later that week. Yikes!

5. Sandra Bullock and Meryl Streep pucker up at the 2010 Critics' Choice Awards. Sandra and Meryl had been neck-and-neck in the Best Actress Oscar race for most of the season, and rumors had been swirling that there was some hostility between the screen stars. When the two tied at the Critics' Choice ceremony, Sandra approached Meryl in a fit of mock rage and screamed, "This is bullsh*t!" Then she embraced the acting legend, and pulled her into an over-the-top open-mouthed kiss. Leave it to Sandy to lighten the mood. Ryan Reynolds & Sandra Bullock: Hollywood's Newest Power Couple?

4. Michael Jackson plants one on Lisa Marie Pressley at the 1994 VMAs. With buzz surrounding MJ's sexuality and his marriage to Lisa Marie being labeled a publicity stunt, the married couple took the stage at the VMAs to silence their critics with a kiss. Too bad that move just made everyone talk more. Nice try, though!