Outshining The Bride? Selena Gomez & 21 Other Celeb Bridesmaids


Check out these photos of famous ladies supporting their gal pals at their weddings!

Usually the bride doesn't want to be upstaged on her special day — but when one of your bridesmaids is a celebrity, it's going to happen.

Selena Gomez and boyfriend Justin Bieber jetted to Mexico last week for a wedding, where Selena walked down the beachy aisle in a lovely blue dress with the rest of the bride's best buds.

But Selena isn't the first star to take a back seat and play a supporting role for a friend's nuptials.

Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, Jessica Alba, Kim Kardashian and more — check out more photos of celeb bridesmaids at TooFab: Outshining The Bride? Selena Gomez & 21 Other Celeb Bridesmaids

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