Is Brad Pitt Retiring To Have More Kids With Angelina Jolie?


The 47-year-old actor on throwing in the towel and adding to his brood.

Brad Pitt may be one of Hollywood's biggest names, but the actor says he is ready to retire from a life in front of the camera in just three years.

In an interview with Australia's "60 Minutes," Pitt said he is ready to leave acting when he turns 50.

The 47-year-old said he didn't have definitive plans for the future, but only knew he wanted to leave acting in "three years."

"Hell if I know," he joked when asked for exact plans. "I've really enjoyed the producerial side," he added. "Getting stories to the plate that may have had a harder time otherwise."

Pitt also said he was no longer chasing happiness, but was instead interested in finding peace.

Read More, including what Brad has to say about having more kids, on Fox NewsIs Brad Pitt Retiring To Have More Kids With Angelina Jolie?

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