Love Letters from the Men, Women and Couples I Have Helped


What attracted me [to your services] was your unflinching intelligence, your compassion, your toughness, and your breathtaking intuition.  It was clear that you were a person who offered results.  I was also able to perceive your energy, though I didn't know what to call it at the time.  But you felt safe.  . . . What you offer is extremely personal, even more so than ordinary counseling. . . You also offer me the advantages of the confessional and friendship.  I consider this three-for-one deal to be extremely worthwhile.  I have not encountered it before.

You have helped me in many ways: with compassion, with knowledge, with the toughness to challenge my baloney as it becomes appropriate.  But mostly you have helped me to face the issues of shame that I have brought to you.  As the Adult Survivors of Child Abuse describes it, "Shame is that part of you that you can't face because it is so intolerable."  You have helped me face my shame issues, one at a time, and take possession of each so that I can accept what is real and rearrange the consequences to my own satisfaction.  Each success frees a part of me that was in some sense crippled.  I am so grateful for the space of safety you create and hold for me that makes this possible.


I consider what you offer me to be in many ways sacred.  I'm not entirely sure how that can be and am fast learning not to care.

Eric J. 
Veronica, you afforded me a rare opportunity to really get to know what is going on in the mind of the opposite sex in a critical point in that relationship.  It was invaluable, insightful, and very useful to come at the problem from a completely different approach. Some of what you spoke just has the wisdom of the ages, and some is as fresh as the words of the latest hip-hop club scene.  Also, it was just downright fun to talk with you at a very difficult time in my life.  Thanks ever so much.

You help me to get clarity and stay on the path of improvement and progress as far as my relationship interactions are concerned. You have helped me to go from a guy who's fumbling around and mostly not dating to one who's having consistent and meaningful connections with the women who come into my life. By keeping me honest when it comes to the denials, self-illusions, and obsessive focuses that are so easy to build up in my head, you have allowed me stay on task with the real issues that have kept me from having the love life I always wanted, and my love life has benefited as a result.

Michael M.
Veronica provides me with advice filled with plenty of wisdom, compassion and love. Veronica helps me to pursue a life with deeper meaning.
Sara L.

I consider you a part of my support system.  After talking with you, I gained the confidence required to know that my pursuit is the right decision for me.  I feel connected with you because you are intuitive and level-headed, have a deep understanding of self, and we share a political and spiritual platform.

I actually consider the service I pay you for as COUNSELING. (Yes - I said "counseling.") The reason I utilize you is that with your experience and expertise, and your specialization as a sex educator, I feel that I can process some of my issues, which as I 'm sure you can appreciate are not often well received in mainstream mental health circles . . . I'm comfortable being honest with you about my curiosity, fantasies, and consider the information to be relatively accurate and valuable.
Our consultations are helping me to normalize and validate my curiosity and interests about sex workers; especially about the idea that sex workers actually do have a therapeutic role which they fulfill for many clients who have sexual and emotional wounds. Although they would not be accepted as such by the mainstream mental health and social service community, many sex workers are actually practicing in positive and normalized venues in which their clients are being therapeutically served at some level, which would be difficult for them to access in clinical therapeutic environments - mostly because of transference and counter-transference issues rooted in the prevalent sex negative values in our society.  The view of sex workers by clinical professionals is in serious need of reconsideration . . .

A Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in California
Oh Veronica! You have helped me most of all just by being really clean with your energy. You have a *lot* of passion -- which gives you a lot of power -- and you have kept it clean with a loving honesty that is all too rare. It's a healing catalyst. Of course the breathing etc. exercises are great, but your integrity is what really makes it work.

Ed R.
Veronica, coaching with you has been like a breath of fresh air in my life!  Our conversations have brought me to a new place – they are safe, comfortable and oh so interesting . . . Your voice on the other end of the telephone line is something that I always look forward to.  You have taken the fear out of my addressing the body image issues that have followed me since I was a teenager and have taken so much of my confidence for most of my adult life.

I am also experiencing more love and a greater connection with the man in my life.  Having you as my coach has given me a place to voice my feelings, and as a result, I am naturally becoming the kind of woman I have always wanted to be.  The nurturing guidance you have given me has made all the difference in my life.

Thank You . . .
Rene H.
You are truly a priestess and therapist - and I'm touched by your warmth and loving acceptance. What I especially love about you is how you've evolved the work of Sacred Prostitute from an escort context to what you do now. All of my interactions with you have been catalytic in creating some kind of a shift for me in my inner spirit. Thank you.

Greg B.
Veronica Monet is an everyday woman with a past.  She helps women find a greater sense of themselves by connecting them to their female roots and their truest sense of self.  She helped me to understand and reach out to the multi-dimensional world of greater intimacy and a stronger self-image.

Rene H.

I love working with Veronica! Meeting her has truly changed my life for the better in many ways. I am so grateful to her!!
She's a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. She has a huge heart with the heels to kick you out of the places where your stuck.
She's a master at pushing someone out of their comfort zone so that they may continue to grow in the best ways possible, using inspiration, honesty, intuition and her own real world experience.

Ivy A.
I want to thank you for your wild wisdom.  I am still contemplating a number of the things you said.  Most particularly your rant about the attractiveness of vital life-force rings true.  Of course that goes beyond the sexual.  You've inspired me to consider this in multiple situations in the ensuing days!  Your energy also encouraged me to take the chance to be open about my sexuality in some conversations, where in the past I would not have mentioned it.  The response was notable!  I'm glad to feel more alive for it and freer in having simply stated the truth.

Talk about wild!  I want to say that the second half of my session was as helpful as the first half was irritating!  I would not have chosen to arrange my session that way, but, as it turned out, the regrouping and clarifying I was able to do in between made it far more effective for me.

Dean Ray

Your workshop was HUGE for us, and I wish we had had it at the beginning of our marriage.  It would have prevented a lot of the very explosive and emotionally intense interactions that have been the bane of our relationship.  The agreements for safety that we learned from you went into effect right away and our connection has as a result improved more in the few months since your workshop than in all the years before.

Alex and Melody


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