Your Next Bedroom Buddy? Meet the Minna Ola


Minna Ola
The latest in vibrators is a toy you and your man will both click with.

While there are those of us who relish alone time with a good smoothie vibrator and the latest collection of exhibitionist-themed erotica (me), the truth is that sex toys can—and should—be used for so much more than self-love.

Which is why you should stop being so selfish, unlock the bedroom door, and invite your man to get in on the action! That's right. We know you've been hogging the toys. But considering the large number of women who suffer from low libido, arousal issues, and dryness, it only makes sense that you get back into the practice of using those candy-colored, silicone, vibrating doo-dads as valuable tools for enhancing your already awesome (of course) bedroom moves. Can You Get Addicted To A Vibrator? We Find Out


Unfortunately, in the heat of the moment, it can be tough to find a toy you both click with. John Pelochino, founder and CEO of engineering/design firm Minna, ran into such a problem while trying to spice things up with his wife. First, Pelochino's wife couldn't figure out how to turn the vibrator on. Once it was up and running, the couple had a hard time figuring out the controls, which were designed to change the toy's speed, intensity, and vibration pattern.

"The experience was missing a level of connection, teasing, and involvement," says Pelochino. "And it didn't help having to fumble around for buttons in the dark to adjust the thing. A fumbling pause is like hitting the reset button."

Despite plenty of searching, Pelochino and his wife couldn't find a toy that improved upon their initial less-than-sexy experience. So he and his team of engineers and designers created Ola, a silicone, waterproof vibrator with customizable vibrations, capable of stimulating the g-spot as well. Into Foreplay? THESE Are The Secret Benefits Of Using A Vibrator

And now, being the thorough hands-on researcher that I am, I'm test driving it. 

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