You have gone above and beyond...


I wanted to give you an update. After watching videos #10 and #11, so many things fell into place for me. Instead of beating myself up I realized why our relationship ended the way it did. I wanted to thank you, even though I am still so sad. Here is what happened yesterday.

She brought up our relationship and it started to get into why I did what I did. I really didn't want to get into it. But I ended up telling her why I cheated and what I thought was wrong with our relationship. I told her that I cheated not because I wanted to end the relationship. I cheated because I was fulfilling a need that hasn't been fulfilled in years. I told her I rarely felt desired in our relationship. I never felt like she was attracted to me or she wanted me. I also said I knew she cared about me and she did love me. I know she did things for me. But I never felt like she made me feel wanted. I told her how she didn't really make me feel like I was an attractive person to her. I always felt like I was just a great friend that she had sex with at her convenience. It made me feel insignificant when I just didn't drop everything I was doing because she wanted sex at that instant. She understood that and said, I was right.


She remembered arguments about this. How I would ask her about it and she would always get upset that I asked her. As if I'm supposed to already know. At this point she started crying. I also told her how I didn't fulfill her need for variety. I never worked on changing things up for her. Anytime I would have anything to do I would get annoyed.

Ever since the break up, I'm less irritated, I'm much more positive in general and I feel way more social. She mentioned how much nicer I am and how much more active I am.
I'm so grateful for your help Lori, you have changed my relationship. You have gone above and beyond what you had to for me and I am grateful!"

Thank you again,
Michael, Hondo, TX

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