He dumped me without explanation.I am devastated.

By YourTango

He dumped me without explanation.I am devastated.

Pursuant to my post as of October 19, named Warning signs that the end is near, I can now continue the story.
He dumped me!!! After we talked about his trip to Romania and he pretended to have assumed that I did not want to join them. Whatever... Then we had a weekend together travelling to the seaside. It was all nice, although I felt some physical withdrawal on his part - as if he was not so insistent on having sex and maybe avoided it...
I was going on a business trip to Portugal for 6 days and the evening before he, on his own initiative, without me urging him, came to have dinner with my parents. Then kissed me goodbye and wished me a nice trip.
On 1st November we had a 5-month anniversary (and he was the type of guy to remember and commemorate those monthly anniversaries). I tried to call him, he came up with the excuse of being busy at work.
So, finally he phoned me back and was carried away, absent minded, succinct, at some point sighing: Oh, Nellie, Nellie, Nellie (that is my name).... Then I wrote him an e-mail that we talked like strangers and I felt him distant. But I also mentioned that I would not think about this now and am kissing him goodnight.
The next day, when I arrived to Bulgaria, sent him a text message and receive one impersonal "Welcome home" several hours later. I tried to contact him by phone. He would not answer. Finally, in an act of desperation, I called him from my office phone (her did not know the number) and he did respond... I asked why he did not answer to my personal phone and his answer was that he was drinking with friends.
I was dumbfounded.... Just stammered something that he still had a notebook bag with me and it was up to him to call me so that I can give it back... Now I relaise thet it was a stupid remark... I should have played naive and innocently asked when we would meet.
However, I cannot have the time back.
In the next days he did not contact me. I wrote two text messages - one about some gift that I had for his mother (V. was soon travelling to his homeland Latvia and I knew that his mother liked tapestry). I even proposed to leave the package with the janitor guy in his housing building. No answer.
Then I send the parcel by courier to V.'s office. Again no call.. It is a matter of basic manners and matureness to write or call to say "thank you".
Then I sent a civilised text message in the sense that I respect his decision and would not cry/shout/insult - just need an explanation to know what was going on. I begged him for 10-20 minutes on the phone, Skype or by e-mail, or personal meeting. I think I deserved it after 5 months of constant concerns on my part about his well-being, including taking him to doctors and medical tests, taking care of his healthy diet and taking vitamins...
Unsurprisingly, he did not answer. Last night I tried to contact him on Skype and asked whether he had received the present for his mother. He logged out almost immediately.
Then, late in the evening I went deep in humiliating myself and wrote the following mail to him.


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