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Heather McDonald
The Chelsea Lately funnywoman explains what it was like to be a twentysomething-year-old virgin.

Writer, comedian, actress and Chelsea Lately roundtable fixture, Heather McDonald is schooled at finding the funny when discussing the ins-and-outs of sex and love—even though she was technically a virgin until the ripe old age of 27. But McDonald certainly dated plenty and spun her non-sordid tales into gold with her hilarious New York Times Bestseller, You'll Never Blue Ball In This Town Again. She took some time to chat with us and revealed why she refrained from cashing in her v-card, what inspired her to finally do the deed, and how she knew her hubby was the one.

YourTango: Your book, You'll Never Blue Ball In This Town Again, is mostly comprised of your dating stories as a twentysomething-year-old virgin, but you don't get too deep into what held you back.


Heather McDonald: I just felt that none of the guys were really in love with me. I went on a lot of bad dates and thought, "if I could get a joke out of one it would be worth it." But I thought if I slept with this or that person and they never called me again, I'd be really, really bummed. Sleeping With A Virgin: What It's Really Like

What finally inspired you to take the proverbial plunge?

When I finally did [have sex], I was such in a good place and with someone who I knew was a good person. By that point, I didn't care. I was like, "Let's just do this!" A lot of people who wait to lose their virginity plunge into a slutty period after, but I didn't. I thought I'm not going to change who I am and start sleeping with people, because it's just not what I do. I've only slept with three people!

When I met my husband, I turned him down several times because I wanted to make sure he really liked me, and he did. I don't feel like I've missed out on anything—we still have a good sex life and my husband's really cute, so I'm happy.

Where'd you meet your hubby?

There was a guy I dated once who ended up catering a TV show I was working on. We were friends and he told me all about [my now husband] Peter, saying I should meet him. He was such a flake—it took us months to finally meet! Eventually, we went to the same party and immediately Peter came over and introduced himself. It was like a scene in a movie—I saw his face and his smile and knew he was the one.

I'll bet are a lot of 20-something-year-old virgins out there who are completely psyched that someone cool came forward with an honest take on their love life.

At first people were telling me the Christians were going to love me, but that's not the lesson I'm sharing. I'm saying it's important to respect yourself and wait for the right person, but there's no abstinence message or anything like that. In the end it all worked out and I don't regret any choices, but sometimes I would curse my virginity.

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