What Not to Wear on a Date

What Not to Wear on a Date

Ladies: you’ve all been in a situation where you belatedly realize that the outfit you chose for your date was a huge mistake.  This may be due to bad planning (as in, you had no idea where you were going and had to take a shot in the dark), a desire to wear your favorite dress (it fit perfectly…two sizes ago), or a simple lack of fashion sense (for goodness sake, get a subscription to Cosmo).  Whatever the case, you don’t want to end up the punch-line of a joke for a guy you kind of dig because you can’t seem to get your wardrobe under control.  So here are a few items you should definitely avoid when dressing for your date.

1. The wrong underwear.  Ye gods!  There is nothing worse that choosing the wrong underwear for your outfit.  Let’s go down the list, shall we?  The wrong colored bra (black bra, white shirt, for example), the wrong strap (if you’re wearing a racerback dress, wear a racerback bra), a thong with low-cut pants (nobody want to see it every time you bend over…way ghetto), a panty line (equally bad with slacks or a dress), and of course, the worst of the worst, going commando when wearing a dress (flashing your business to everyone in a restaurant is less than classy, even for celebrities – the same goes for free-boobing it).

2. Clothes from the fat closet.  You know what I’m talking about.  I don’t care how heavy your flow is, you are not allowed to wear sweats and your scraggy old college tee on a date.  You can also leave the Crocs in the closet (in fact, you should throw those in the trash…it would just be cruel to donate them to a second-hand shop and inflict this fashion failure on some poor, underprivileged shopper).

3. Plaid.  You are neither a lumberjack nor a Catholic school girl, so unless you hail from the highlands, leave the plaid on the shelf!  It doesn’t matter how popular plaid has become, it doesn’t really look appealing on anyone (sorry, Alexander McQueen).  There are so many nice patterns in the world of fashion…why not choose one that has a chance of attracting the opposite sex?

4. Track suit.  Unless you happen to be Sue Sylvester from Glee, you definitely shouldn’t wear workout gear 24/7.  Gym clothes were created for a specific purpose, and it’s not dating!  Just because you’re one of the few people who actually looks appealing in spandex doesn’t mean you should wear it for every occasion.  Save your workout wear for the gym if you don’t want your date scratching his head and wondering why you don’t have any suitable clothing in your closet.

5. Sausage casing.  We’ve all seen that girl…the one who clearly doesn’t realize that the clothing she chose has given her curves in all the wrong places (why, oh why do women have a blind spot when it comes to the muffin top?).  Tight, sexy, and revealing clothing has a time and place (generally in the privacy of your boudoir).  Please, please, please shop for your size!  Believe it or not, you will actually look a lot better in clothes that fit, even if you have a hard time wrapping your head around the number on the tag.

Darcy Johanson writes for http://www.tshirtprinting.net where you can design your own custom clothing at affordable prices.


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