9 Wacky Facts About Katy Perry's Wedding

Katy Perry Russell Brand

Russell Brand bought Katy a tiger, Rihanna was a no-show, and 7 other things you need to know.

From the moment that they got engaged, we knew Katy Perry and Russell Brand weren't going to have a normal wedding. But we have to admit, even we were surprised to hear that tigers were involved in the ceremony! Below are 9 wacky facts you should know about about the quirky couple and their unique wedding:

1. Forget about a garden or a castle, Katy and Russell got married in a Indian tiger sanctuary. No joke! And in addition to the "slew" of animals that participated in a ceremony (21 camels, horses, and elephants, according to People), Russell bought Katy one of the tigers as a present to celebrate their wedding! However, luckily for the newlyweds' neighbors, the tiger won't be coming home with them.

2. Russell also presented his bride with a ruby ring, which, according to AllieIsWired.com, "he believes possesses protective powers." For the groom's gift, Katy gave him a baby elephant! (Try fitting that into a box!) Russell Brand Knew He'd Marry Katy Perry on First Date

3. There were 80 guests at the wedding, but, surprisingly, Katy's (former?) BFF Rihanna was a no-show. We thought it was odd that Rihanna would diss Katy's music in public a few weeks ago, but miss her best friend's wedding for so-called "work reasons"? Clearly, these two are on the outs.

4. The night before they exchanged vows, the couple threw a Bollywood-themed bash and engaged in a traditional Mehndi ceremony where Katy's hands and feet were drawn on with henna. Katy Perry and Russell Brand Will Marry in India

5. Instead of a white wedding dress, Katy opted for a gray-colored Elie Saab Haute Couture gown, which she wore with a pair of $7,000 beaded satin heels, reports People.



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