A Matchmaking Pro Gives Us Dating Advice


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Matchmaker Suzanne Oshima tells you what to do and what NOT to do when dating.

Ever wanted dating tips from a professional? I mean a professional who is not your sister. Matchmaker Suzanne Oshima has been helping men and women find love since 2001. She works with men and women who vary in age and experience but have one thing in common: They aren't afraid to ask for help when it comes to dating.

Oshima provides services that range from actual matchmaking to coaching people on the first date. We spoke with her about dating mistakes, dating advice, red flags and what makes a good match. 


AOL Health: What are the biggest dating mistakes you see people making? And what dating tips do you suggest to avoid those mistakes?

Suzanne Oshima: The biggest dating mistake I see people make is they will not budge from their list of "must-haves." For example, if a woman goes on a date with a man who has almost everything on her list but is missing one or two things, she may immediately discount him and conclude he is not her type. It is highly unlikely you will find someone who has everything on your list. People need to be more flexible when they are dating; if someone is missing one or two things from your list, that should not deter you from dating that person. You need to give the person a chance, and you may find a great person and realize the missing "must-haves" really don't matter anymore. 

The second biggest dating mistake I see people make is they divulge way too much information about themselves on the first date. While it's important to get to know someone, there are some things that should be left for later conversations or dates. For example, I have had some women reveal to men on [a] first date how many children they would like to have or how many men they have slept with. Those are surefire ways to scare a guy off on [the] first date. 

The third biggest dating mistake I see people make is they keep doing things the same way, so they keep getting the same results and then they can't understand why they aren't married or in a relationship by now. For example, if you keep attracting cheaters who won't get married, then you need to take a step back and look at what you feel is your type. Because maybe what you think is your type really isn't. 

AOL Health: What dating tips do you have for people looking for their "match"?

SO: It really depends on each individual person and what method he or she feels most comfortable using. The following must be taken into account for each person: 

1. [Are you] just looking to date, or [are you] looking for a relationship?

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