Love Bytes: What Celebrities Say About Single Life


Your week is not complete until you check out these eight must-click links.

Your week is not complete until you check out these seven must-click love & relationship links.

The "Anti-Nocturnal Emission Bridle" (think about it: worn by a male... at night) and other crazy sex inventions. [The Stir]

We didn't believe clothes in a can could be "surprisingly cool" either—until we watched this video. [Glamour]

Feel-good story of the week: Kids find widowed mom a new husband. [lemondrop]

Which celebrity said what about being single? [Tres Sugar

Get sexy now. Make your own bedhead with this awesome product. [Crushable]

A recent study shows that people wearing glasses can look up to five years older than they actually are. So much for this fall's hottest trend? [Glamour]

David Beckham accused of hiring a hooker. [The Frisky]




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