Should We Give Up On Monogamy?

Should We Give Up On Monogamy?

Should We Give Up On Monogamy?

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The research suggests that monogamy ain't natural. Should we give up on long-term love?

Over on our Twitter feed, we've been asking readers: is infidelity more common these days, or are we just hearing about it more? Those who responded obviously have no misconceptions about the urge to cheat. In fact, they seem to be in unanimous agreement that on-the-side hanky-panky was just as prevalent way back when as it is now. (Fun fact: way back, when it was even condoned.) So why have we been hearing about it so much more?

When you see stories like that of Tiger Woods (admittedly an extreme case), it becomes obvious: while developing technology has made it easier to seek out extra sex partners, it's also made it easier for infidelities to be discovered. And with the recent study claiming that those who cheat are just less intelligent, it should come as no surprise that they keep getting caught. Science Says Men Who Cheat Are Dummies

Still, much of the general public is in an uproar over the sudden rash of high-profile infidelities. Not surprising, really. It's made many of us anxious about our own relationships. We ask ourselves: am I enough for him? Will he cheat? Is our relationship doomed!?

With all the brouhaha over infidelity, researchers Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jetha decided that a new book was in order, a book that would serve to remind the rest of us of what should already be obvious:

Sexual monogamy just doesn't work. Keep Reading...

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