Love Bytes: The Art Of Fake Orgasms

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Plus, how to plan a sexy sleepover and what married guys talk about behind closed doors.

Love Bytes: 10 must-click love and relationship links.

Cohabitation can either be a huge step forward in a relationship... or a huge step backwards. [The Gloss]

An expert gives advice to a woman whose guy friend does not reciprocate her feelings but continues to flirt with her anyway. [Crushable]

Soon-Yi Previn and Woody Allen may have one of the most inappropriate relationships in Hollywood, but these seven other celebrity couples are no better. [The Frisky]

Divorce is rarely used as a publicity stunt, but it appears that our (least) favorite reality TV couple, Heidi and Spencer, may be on their way to a reconciliation. [Café Mom]

Does your partner remind you of one of your parents? If so, it may not entirely be a coincidence. [Trés Sugar]

Adult film stars Kayden Kross, Katsuni and Sophie Dee reveal the secret behind delivering a convincing fake orgasm. [Asylum]

A college student makes the case that the number of people one has sex with just doesn't matter in the long run. [College Candy]

The steps to arranging this sexy sleepover are not ones your parents would likely approve of. [Em and Lo]

A married man reveals what guys talk about with their buddies when their wives are not around. [Yahoo! Shine]

One can't stress enough the essential role that lubricant plays in the bedroom, so here are some recommendations from the experts. [Glo]


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