How To Get Joan Holloway's Sexy Look


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How to get Joan Holloway's retro Mad Men look that men love.

It's no wonder Esquire named actress Christina Hendricks the Sexiest Woman Alive earlier this year. Her pinup style is smoking hot, whether she's off-screen or playing the role of Mad Men's sexy secretary Joan Holloway. With the return of the series just around the corner, try your hand at her retro makeup and style that men love:



The secret to nabbing Joan Holloway's style? Showing off your curves without showing too much skin. Mix and match these pieces to get her trademark sexy secretary style:

1. Little red dress: You're likely to already have a little black dress in your closet, but if you're channeling your inner Joan, don't be afraid to stand out a little with some color. A signature little red dress won't offer the same versatility as a black one—it may not be a great option at the office if you don't happen to work at Sterling Cooper—but as a head-turning option for a date, a curve-hugging frock in a bold red is hard to beat. Our favorite online retailer for retro dresses:—it's a one-stop-shop for for '50s and '60s dresses and accessories that stay true to the era without looking costumey.

2. Pumps: A few pairs of heels can go a long way. Stash your shoe rack with classic pumps in basic black, brown (if it suits your wardrobe's palette), light beige (if you're fair-skinned), and red, and you'll never frantically rummage through your heel collection in search of the right shoe for an outfit again. And if you wear a lot of black, consider adding color: go bold with a pair of Mary Jane pumps in bright blue or Pink.

3. Pencil skirt: A hip-hugging pencil skirt is a must-have for a Mad Men-inspired wardrobe. Make sure the hemline hits you at the knee—too short and it loses that retro appeal; too long and it starts to look frumpy.

4. V-neck sweater: Take your pencil skirt from business to bar with a clingy, soft sweater. It's all in the fit, so think thin cashmere, not itchy wool. A V-neck keeps the look fresh and flirty: stick to this cut especially if you're busty. When you don't have a wardrobe team fitting your clothes to your specific measurements, a boatneck or crewneck sweater can really ride the line between Joan Holloway-esque and your elderly great aunt Joan.

5. Brooch: A little bling goes a long way. Brooches aren't just for your grandmother anymore: if you're going through the effort to incorporate sexy '60s style into your wardrobe, accessorize the part, too. Ditch the faux pearls, which can look a little too precious or like a costume when paired with a retro outfit, and wear your jewelry right on your outfit instead. Hit up a local vintage store or market and pick up a few cheap options to mix and match against dresses and form-fitting sweaters.


Joan's sexy retro makeup is all in the porcelain skin, flirty lashes, and perfect pout. Here's how to get it:

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