The most popular online dating profile ever.


The most popular online dating profile ever.

Did you know that the song, “Happy Birthday to you” has a copyright value of $5 million US? I have to figure there’s some really rich, really happy eccentric out there who’s collecting millions from the following profile, rampant in popularity:



Looking for my soul mate, are you out there? (That headline alone must be worth millions in royalties and second only to “life is short”.) I luv life (as opposed to the rest of us who are much happier dead?) and I luv to laugh (right…because who doesn’t hate a good belly laugh) lol  (that’s an abbreviation just in case you didn’t understand the word laugh)


As for “luv” – is it really so taxing to fill out all 4 letters in the word love? If you’re going to go as far as writing three letters then, for the love of god man, just add one more letter! 


Besides a grumpy rant about dating profiles, I’d like to contribute one of the best online dating tips ever: check out your competition. Good brands do it all the time. One of the best ways to succeed in advertising is to keep abreast of the competition then be sure to one up them. 


In the 20 years that I’ve spent writing ads for companies (as opposed to writing online dating profiles and helping singles compete online), I’ve had innumerable clients point to an ad and say,  “I like that ad. I want mine like that.” I’ve said no emphatically every time.  First of all, making one ad similar to an already good ad just makes people think of the first ad. In short, it promotes the first ad.  Worse still, by making your ad similar to someone else, you end up being just like the other person. In online dating, the sheer number of ads that are similar to each other means you’ll be just like everyone else. In essence, the only thing that’ll make you different is how you look. Unless you’re the best looking person online – by far – looks are not enough.  To stand out, you need a profile that’s different from everyone else.


So, as I suggested earlier, check out the competition and make sure your profile stands out as different and better. If everyone’s saying “I love to laugh” then, instead, give the reader an engaging anecdote about the funniest thing you’ve ever seen, and be creative – it could be something you saw as a child. 


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