7 Ways To Set The Mood For Great Sex


caucasian couple kissing in bed with bedroom out of focus
When it comes to sex, sometimes setting is everything.

We all know that the vibe of a restaurant can tip the scales between a breathtakingly romantic evening and an embarrassingly awkward first date. Similarly, and even more importantly, the atmosphere of your bedroom can make all the difference when it comes to your love life.

Once you become aware of this, a lot of what I'm about to tell you is simply common sense. For example: most would agree that nothing says "not sexy" like the presence of your mom or your little cousins so, naturally, get their pictures off your nightstand! Which brings me to tip number one...


1. Choose Imagery That Puts You (and Him) in the Mood
As every ad executive knows, imagery is extremely powerful when it comes to influencing our actions and moods. With this in mind, look at every photo and art piece that you're currently displaying and ask yourself, "Does this make me feel sexy/romantic/sensual? Or ... not?" Some good choices to display might be:
-a piece of depicting a couple embracing (such as "The Kiss" by Gustave Klimt)
-an earthy landscape with warm colors and/or flowers
-a photo of you and your partner during a romantic evening or getaway
-anything that feels sexy and reminds you of romance and togetherness
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2. Go Heavy on the Warm
Warm and earthy colors open the heart and activate emotional connection. That's why it's best if colors such as red, rust, orange, Pink, terra cotta, brown, yellow, gold or beige predominate in your bedding choices. If you're a big fan of pure white sheets, at least add touches of warmth in the accessories (throw pillows, duvet, or blanket). Cooler colors like green and blue can be cooling to the emotions and passions.

3. Be Touchy-Feely
A faux fur or chenille throw, a plush area rug, or a satin throw pillow or two can add a luxurious flavor to our amorous adventures while getting us out of our heads and into our bodies. lemondrop: Sex Advice—Why Women Aren't Interested and How They Can Be

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Written by Tess Whitehurst for lemondrop