Love Bytes: Why These Women Said 'No' To Marriage


Plus, cuties from the '90s and learning the importance of safe sex the hard way.

Love Bytes: 12 must-click love and relationship links. 

Many mothers may think home birth is a good idea, but a recent study suggests otherwise. [Café Mom]

Actress and model Olivia Munn stops by Asylum to share a few handy sex tips on what women want. [Asylum]

These rising stars were definitely cuties in the '90s, and now a few of them are hotties. [College Candy]

One college student learns during a late-night romp that "withdrawal" does not equal safe sex. [Em and Lo]

Not all women jump and scream for joy when being presented with a ring. These 15 women said "no" to marriage, and all for different reasons. [Yahoo! Shine]

A father shares his experience working with a doula while his wife was pregnant. [Huffington Post]

Adults who still live at home with their parents have some surprisingly spicy sex and relationship advice to share. [Nerve]

From board shorts to briefs to basic trunks, your man's swimwear says a lot about his personality and character. [Glo]

For women who are hesitant to get their flirt on, here are some effective ways to get a man to start flirting with you. [Marie Claire]

In one of the most unexpected breakups this year, Melissa Etheridge's former partner Tammy Lynn Michaels is now applying for sole custody of her 3-year-old twins. [Pop Eater]

In preparation for your next date, here are some subtle fashion tips on how to pick out the most "flattering" outfit. [Already Pretty]

Couple-happy vacations may be a rarity, but thanks to these handy travelwear tips, you can minimize the risk of getting cranky. [Fashion Pulse Daily]


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