What to Know Before Traveling with a New Beau


 What to Know Before Traveling with a New Beau

There are certain defining moments in every new relationship; the first time you spend the night, hang out with his/her friends or get introduced to a new partner’s parents are just some of those milestones. Perhaps the biggest turning point is when a new beau suggests a vacation, trip or weekend away, just the two of you.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

It’s a proposal that can launch multiple emotions ranging from excitement (wow, he must really like me) and panic (how am I going to keep my hair from frizzing up) to fear (what if we fight the whole time.) Those feelings are generally accompanied by equal parts primping, prodding and prepping.


Despite planning and best intentions, things get a lot trickier the second you embark on your getaway. Tiny peccadilloes only get magnified and people either mesh or clash as travel companions. Quite frankly (and often), that first trip as a twosome can be a deal breaker. So here are some simple insights for single ladies to take on the road with them which may come in handy:

Ladies, remember this about men:

1.   Getting Lost is an Adventure: It’s not that men think they have a better sense of direction than women, need to be in control or are resistant to asking for help (well ok maybe some of that), they simply love to explore. Getting lost gives them the chance to stumble upon hidden spots, taste new flavors and touch foreign objects and sate their curiosity, which is why more often than not they will follow a trail or road to nowhere.

2.    Weather is Not a Critical Element:  It appears as though men have some sort of cold and warm weather resistance whereby rest, romance and relaxation are not controlled by rain or shine. Ladies, if you want to travel simpatico know that men have no remorse sleeping or staying indoors on a hot sunny day nor will they allow a brewing storm to ruin their plans for an outdoor excursion.

3.    The Remote Equals Control in Every Language: Most men have a keen ability to watch anything, anytime, anywhere, especially when it comes to sports, reruns and action flicks. It should come as no surprise if you find your man glued to episode 98 of Seinfeld, regardless if it’s in Italian, Dutch or Japanese.

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