What Men Think: 5 Ways Guys Get Over Breakups

What Men Think: 5 Ways Guys Get Over Breakups

What Men Think: 5 Ways Guys Get Over Breakups

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Study shows men struggle to get over breakups more than women. What 5 guys think about breaking up.

While ladies may be more likely to face a tube of cookie dough and wail in their work cubicles after a breakup, new research suggests that a man's health actually suffers more after a relationship sours. Why? Scientists speculate men aren't as intimate with their friends as women, and therefore don't have the support system needed when a relationship tanks.

As published in the June issue of the Journal of Health and Social Behavior, Robin Simon, Professor of Sociology at Wake Forest University in North Carolina, analyzed the emotions of 1000 young men and women after a split and found that men are more reactive when a relationship dwindles. For example, a newly single guy may mask his discomfort watching football with a steely exterior, but beneath the surface he may quell the pain with substance abuse, she says. Meanwhile, women huddle together, cry, overanalyze, cry some more, do some more analyzing, but, at the end of the day, do a better job of dealing with the issue. Dumped? 10 Healthy Ways To Heal

Professor Simon also speculates a crumbling relationship dents the male ego and causes men to question their self-worth. Meanwhile, the opposite is true for ladies. Simon says a woman's self-image is damaged more by being perpetually single than in a relationship that may be less than perfect. Single And Getting Older? Why You Shouldn't Worry


We talked to five choice men to find out what they think about this study and to hear how they cope after breaking up. Here's what they had to say:

1. It's not a surprise that dudes are more likely to drown relationship pain in booze. While I disagree with parts of the methodology, sample and suppositions of the study, that fellas are more likely to get hammered when they hurt is evident. I guess that alcohol and drugs help remove whatever emotional inhibition nature or nurture has put in front of us regarding communicating feelings. I know some very tough dudes who manage to squeeze in a good cry periodically when they're drinking but never let their sober guard down.

- Tom Miller, Tomfoolery blogger, @tomfoolerytm

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