Man’s Guide to Mastering the Art of Wine Ordering


Man’s Guide to Mastering the Art of Wine Ordering

You may be a sophisticated guy with everything going for you; looks, money and a charming personality.  However, even the most experienced man may have trouble ordering wine like a pro. 

If you have ever been to a fine restaurant and the waiter hands you a one inch thick “menu” of their wines, you probably know how intimidating this can be.  It is easier than you think to master the art of ordering wine and impressing your date. 
Relax, other men have the same problem but with a little homework you can become confident in your wine ordering skills.  Jim had it all: the nice car, perfect grooming and excellent conversation skills.  He had been trying to date a particularly classy woman for some time. 
She finally agreed and he thought it was game on.  Jim did not have to worry about money so he made reservations at the hottest restaurant in town.  He could tell she was impressed with him up until the waiter handed him “the book”. 
“I don’t drink much wine myself but she had mentioned on the drive over that she really enjoyed it and had travelled to California’s wine country”, he said.  “I should have just let the sommelier make a suggestion or even let her decide”. 
Turns out our buddy Jim decided to pretend he knew what he was doing and ordered the most expensive bottle of red wine on the menu.  Too bad for Jim that his classy date ordered fish and red wine does not go with fish. 
If he had done his homework or even relied on the sommelier, or wine expert, for help he might of really impressed his date.  Jim had blown it because he did not follow some simple rules when ordering wine, according to Ashok from

  1. Rule 1:  Never pretend you know about wine if you do not   
  2. Rule 2:  Know if your date has a wine preference or is a true wine snob   
  3. Rule 3:  Know that red wine usually goes with meat and white usually goes with fish   
  4. Rule 4:  Ask for suggestions from the sommelier, which is what they are for   
  5. Rule 5:  Do not think that ordering the most expensive wine on the menu will automatically impress your date   

Fine restaurants will usually hand the wine menu to the man.  Even if you have a ton of cash remember to follow the rules above. 
If you have a limit to how much you are willing to shell out for wine, then simply point to the price of a particular wine and ask the sommelier’s opinion.  They are trained to take a hint and will suggest something good in your price range. If you cannot tell one wine from another then a good tip to know is that American wines are named after the grapes they come from.  French or Italian wines are named from the region they come from. 

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