10 Old Hollywood Hotties We Miss


James Dean, Paul Newman
In the spirit of Memorial Day, we're remembering these handsome hunks who are no longer with us.

When we heard the sad news of Dennis Hopper's passing, we got to thinking about how, even though he is most remembered for playing oddball, "crazy" characters, in his younger days he had the looks to become a matinee idol.

And this got us thinking about all those other actors from times gone by who make us wish we had all been born several decades earlier. Here now is a list of 10 Hollywood Hotties that we miss. (Since it's so hard to rank levels of sexiness, we're presenting these men to you in alphabetical order!) 


1. Marlon Brando - Brando has had an amazing career, playing everything from Superman's dad to the iconic Don Corleone. But it was his brooding tough guy roles in films like The Wild One, On The Waterfront and, especially, his turn as the brutish but undeniably sexy Stanley Kowalski in A Streetcar Named Desire (oh, that ripped shirt), that keeps him popping up on so many of these lists, time after time! Marlon Brando Seduced 15-Year-Old Jackie Collins

2. Horst Buchholz - A German actor who starred in many foreign films, Buchholz is best-known as the hot-headed hottie Chico in The Magnificent Seven. As such, he's the only one of those magnificent men who got any action in the film! (Interesting side-note: When Horst was younger, his step-sister nicknamed him "Hotte." And years later, we added the "i.")

3. Montgomery Clift - Known for often playing brooding young men, Clift quickly won over female audiences with his passionate turns in movies like From Here to Eternity and A Place in the Sun. Unfortunately, after a mid-career car accident, Clift turned to drugs and alcohol, which eventually led to his death at the young age of 45.

4. Gary Cooper - Cooper's rugged good looks allowed him to easily play everything from stoic Western heroes (The Virginian, High Noon) to lovable "everymen" (Mr. Deeds Goes To Town, Meet John Doe) to the silent film characters of his early career. Offscreen, he was quite the Hollywood rogue, having affairs with Marlene Dietrich and Grace Kelly, among others. If Coop were still alive today, he'd probably be playing Don Draper's dad on Mad Men.

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