Impress your Date with a Dinner Date Al Fresco


Impress your Date with a Dinner Date Al Fresco



As spring quickly turns to summer, the warm weather becomes a haven for people to mingle, laugh and enjoy time together outdoors.  For those who are looking to meet someone, this also opens up a variety of options for fun, impressive date ideas.  There’s a natural “feel-good” reaction when the sun comes out.  Maybe this is the reason that so many marriages take place during the summer months.

If you’re ready to pack away the heavy clothes and get outside to spice things up, here are some great ideas that are sure to impress:

By the Water: Find a small river or lake to share a romantic evening with that special someone.  Bring a blanket to lye on the ground, an Ipod to play some soft background music, a bottle of your favorite beverage and small bite sized slices of cheese, vegetables, and finger foods.  The atmosphere will be so quiet and relaxing that you won’t be able to help but fall in love.

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