Love in the Time of Depression


 The Secret to Making it Last

Sue and Bob have both been single for fifteen years.  Sue, a divorced mother of two and Bob, a widow with three grown adult boys of his own, met last year on an online dating site.  When they decided to meet face-to-face over lattes and espresso, they both admitted to feeling instant heat and it wasn’t due to what was coming from the hot drinks in their hands.  They had a lot in common including a love for tennis, hiking, watching Hitchcock’s “Vertigo” and Caribbean cruises.  In fact, Bob and Sue were such active adventurers that their own children could not keep up with their energy.


Six months into the relationship, Bob lost his job as a hotel manager.  It was a position that he had held for 20 years.  He would soon be approaching his sixtieth birthday and with the economy in a downturn, it was difficult for him to find work.  Bob began losing interest in the things he once enjoyed.  He stopped going out of the house, and preferred lying in bed to walking in the park, something that he did almost every day after dinner.  As a registered nurse, Sue knew immediately that these were the signs of depression.

According to Mental Health America, depression affects an estimated 19 million Americans each year and countless numbers of loved ones.  Bob and Sue are not alone; many couples confront this condition every day.  Unfortunately, some relationships make it through, while others don’t.

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