Pole Dancing - The New Foreplay?

Pole Dancing - The New Foreplay?

When you think of pole dancing you might immediately conjure up a dark and seedy bar with erotic dancers undulating their semi-nude bodies around a pole suspended from the ceiling. Men have been fans of this seductive form of dance for years and with good reason.  The moves are enticing, very sexual and provocative.  It’s no wonder that strippers wear workout clothes or sexy lingerie and use their bodies along with a pole this way—it’s effective and highly erotic.
Pole dancing has been around for years, and may have actually stemmed from traveling burlesque shows that had dancing girls that performed Hootchie Cootchie dances inside tents.  The spaces that the dancers performed in were so tight that the tent pole became a prop used during the dance, mostly out of necessity.  Eventually the pole dance evolved to its current form inside clubs and bars, where burlesque performers continued to use the pole in their dancing and it became more socially acceptable. 
Pole dancing continues to be used amongst erotic dancers and strippers, but recently has also seen a surge in popularity amongst the general population. Gyms are offering pole dancing classes for exercise and fitness, boasting that not only is this form of dance seductive and sensuous, but it is a very good workout that builds a lot of strength in your body.  Pole dancing is fun and certainly not your everyday run on a treadmill.  It also requires and develops a lot of core and upper body strength.  
Even if you aren’t a stripper and you use pole dancing as a form of exercise and fitness, you simply can’t escape the erotic and sexual nature of this type of routine.  The moves are beautiful, from the sultry jazz walk strutting around the pole, to the spins around the pole with your head tilted backward and your back fully
arched.  Sure, it takes body strength and agility to pull this off, but it’s still very sexy all the same.

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