10 Things Star Wars Taught Us About Love


star wars
Star Wars is more than just action and eye candy, the movie also taught us a few good love lessons.

Here at YourTango, there are certain holidays we like to celebrate the heck out of: Valentine's Day; Mother's Day; World Nutella Day. Today is Star Wars Day, and we're super excited to have a legitimate outlet for our general geekery. And because we also tend to have love on the brain, we decided to look at one of our favorite movie franchises through heart-shaped lenses, and share with you what Star Wars taught us about love.

1. Our taste in men develops early on. Based upon this Love Buzzer's early, animalistic attraction to Luke Skywalker, I should have known that I'd end up married to some scrawny, pale guy. Star Wars' use of two incredibly different lead men helped young girls everywhere solidify their preference for either the youthful-looking, sensitive guy or the scruffy, tough-talking bad boy.


2. High-pressure situations lead to high-octane sex. It's true. Excitement and unpredictability create a spike in the brain's natural amphetamines —dopamine and norepinephrine—which in turn intensifies arousal levels. It's no wonder Princess Leia had men throwing themselves at her left and right. It was just inevitable that all that hand-to-hand combat and across-the-universe, high-speed spaceship-chasing would get everyone all hot and bothered. We suggest doing something similarly exciting (though perhaps less life-or-death) if you're looking to spice things up.

3. Size doesn't matter. While we were certainly wowed by Luke's nice, long... um... light saber, Han Solo certainly seemed to get the job done just fine without any help from a long, glowing, magical disco stick. If you need further proof that it's not about the size of your hoo-ha, but rather about how you use it, remember the Death Star. Talk about unsuccessfully overcompensating. 7 Body Parts Men Love—Just The Way They Are

4. A woman who can kick ass is highly attractive. While Princess Leia did receive some help from two highly attractive men, a couple of robots, a Wookiee and those adorable Ewoks, she was certainly able to hold her own in a number of dangerous situations. And the men in her life didn't seem at all intimidated. On the contrary, they only wanted her more. So don't feel that you have to force femininity in order to get the guy. You can be your bad self and still land your prince.

5. And yet, we don't mind being rescued every once in awhile. There's nothing sexier than an independent, autonomous woman. Yet many women put so much pressure on themselves to do and have it all that they end up burnt out. The next time you find yourself dressed in a metal bikini and sporting shackles, imprisoned by a large, ravenous slug, remember: you're allowed to lean on the ones you love.

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