Gerard Butler Beats Pitt, Clooney In Hot Contest


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Random British people claim Gerard Butler is the most attractive man alive.

An England-based cosmetic surgery website says its readers decided Gerard Butler is the most attractive man on earth, beating out Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and Johnny Depp. Christina Clogg, founder of The Good Surgeon Guide, said, "With his alleged relationship with Jennifer Aniston making headlines, and a number of successful blockbuster films under his belt, Gerard Butler is certainly in many women's thoughts." Um, wow. This must be one of those things Americans just don't understand, like cricket, Vegemite, and Doctor Who. Gabourey Sidibe Hits On Gerard Butler

Clogg also said, "[Gerard] always appears fresh and handsome in the spotlight, and I am sure has a style many men envy." We guess she hasn't seen those photos of him on vacation. (Maybe those are his "before" snaps.) Clogg's site appears to be a kind of Yelp for plastic surgery, which we find both intriguing and weird. And we wonder what it's doing surveying British people about attractive celebrities. Are there loads of English men asking their doctors for Gerard's prominent brow ridge? In case you were wondering, other dudes on the list ranked below Gerard included Clive Owen, Robert Pattinson, David Beckham, Will Smith, and Prince Harry. We're pretty sure that's some kind of offense (offence?) against the crown. 10 Men Sexier Than Johnny Depp

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