Love Bytes: Do You Have Enough Time For Sex?


Make time for sex, plus the issue with hot hubbies and being single for the holidays.

Love Bytes: 9 Must-Read posts from around the web.

According to this doctor, the biggest problem with relationships these days is not having enough time for sex. [BlissTree]

People communicate all the time—even if they aren't talking. Here's how to read body language. [Reader's Digest]

Why are straight couples in France engaging in civil unions as opposed to marriages...? [BettyConfidential]

According to this university study, attractive men tend to make bad husbands. [Aol Health]

Men can wear their facial hair in sooo many ways—ever want to know what his facial hair says about him? [Glo]

If you're single and worried about being alone for the holidays, don't worry too much—you're technically not alone. [Huffington Post Living]

Would you take his last name after taking your vows? It seems like the formality is abandoned more and more these days. [lemondrop]

This college student advises all college girls to date outside the box and consider five different kinds of dudes to try out once before you graduate. [CollegeCandy]

What to do when you thought he was going to propose—and he didn't. [The Frisky]


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