How TIME "Person Of The Year" Mark Zuckerberg Changed Dating


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Through Facebook, TIME Person of The Year Mark Zuckerberg has altered the dating game forever.

Today, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was named TIME "Person of the Year 2010." If the people at TIME were looking for a game-changer to receive this honor, they found the right man. Zuckerberg has undoubtedly altered the way more than half a billion people connect.

Through Facebook, and the door he helped open for other technology to slither into our lifestyles, we can now watch the interactions of our friends and families from thousands of miles away. We don't even have to see them in person. Which is amazing, intriguing, frightening and confusing all rolled into one.


We won't lie to you. This new-age concept is one we are certain we could no longer live without. Zuckerberg has changed communication forever, and he definitely deserves the TIME distinction. However, we would also like to personally note Mark for yet another feat.

He's managed to make our dating lives that much more complicated.

These days when you break up with someone, forget about letting him go. It takes about two minutes to stalk his Facebook wall, see that he is talking to a blonde he met last night at a bar, and feel totally upset. Now when we meet someone new we spend hours texting, Facebooking and tweeting our potential matches, and simultaneously misunderstanding, speculating and analyzing because we can't read their emotions through our cell phone and computer screens. What Is The Meaning Of Love In Online Dating?

It's frustrating at times. So in dating and relationship communication, it is necessary to find a balance between tweeting and talking.

"The negative side of relying solely on email, texting, and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter is that often your communication is unilateral," says YourTango Expert Julie Spira, who has written a book about cyber-dating, The Rules of Netiquette: How to Mind Your Manners on the Web. "Breaking up has become too easy to do online. In a relationship, you need to pick up the phone or set up a Skype date to hear someone's voice, or you run the risk of being misunderstood."

Regarding Zuckerberg's creation, Spira adds, "There's nothing worse than finding out on your Facebook wall that you're no longer in a relationship. He may change his status from 'In a Relationship' to 'Single' while you're still looking forward to Saturday's date with him."

Also, if you're communicating solely through texts, tweets, emails and wall posts, you may end up head-over-heels for someone's web persona, but not his real-life personality.

"If you rely solely on texting and tweeting, you may run the risk of falling in love with someone from behind the keyboard," Spira says. "It's not unusual to have a false sense of being in a relationship with someone you really don't know."

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